Lori Davis

Lori Davis

When she was only nine, Lori’s family began their volunteer work as wildlife rehabilitators. Realizing her wildlife interactions were unique, she felt the need to document these experiences, not only as memories, but also as a way to share such amazing moments with others. To do this, she picked up a camera, unaware how much it would impact her life.

Lori’s craft has taken her cross-country on a number of ventures, capturing spectacular landscapes and incredible wildlife interactions along the way. Her collection includes images includes photographs from Alaska, the Southwest, the Pacific Northwest, the Canadian Rockies, Florida and much of New England. Now settled near Ellsworth, Maine, Lori thrives in a photographer’s paradise constantly adding Maine images to her collection: moose, puffins, loons, eagles, coastal scenes, lighthouses, Acadia National Park and so much more.

Working out of a studio in her home, Lori offers professional Giclée printed photographs of her images in a variety of sizes and price ranges, matted, framed and as unique handcrafted photo note cards. Her work is available for purchase online, or through shops & galleries throughout Maine.

Lori hopes her images will inspire and educate her audience about the fragile natural world that surrounds us. And remind them… to slow down and enjoy the simple gifts that Mother Nature has provided …

Lori A. Davis, Photographer
PO Box 897
Ellsworth, Maine 04605

Phone: (207) 669-4227
Fax: (207) 669-4266

website: www.LoriDavisPhotography.Com

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